The Happy Sorceress

Molly Danger Kickstarter from Jamal Igle

The world’s most powerful 10 year old superhero…”

Guys, I can’t stress how important a book like this is.  To all of us.

A butt-kicking GIRL hero, who isn’t someone’s sidekick or spin-off, doesn’t get the trashy ‘make-over’. A hero kids…girls in particular!…can read & care about.

Learn more about the Molly Danger here.

There’s less than 9 days left to get this funded & there’s still a long way to go. Just under $15,000 before this fabulous comic from a pretty awesome guy can be made.

The great thing about Kickstarter: you can donate as little as $1. If you can…please help this project.

If you can’t spare the money (and I know, times are tough!), a signal boost would be most appreciated.