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So, following the immense popularity of my 5 Essential Character Redesigns post, I decided to take a more thorough stab at revamping DC Comic’s Justice League. I’ve already mentioned before that I think their current “New 52” reboot, aimed at gaining new readers, is terribly ineffective,…


All the 52 comics have now been published, From Animal to Voodoo. There was some really great books, Batwoman, Batman and Wonder Woman stand out for me, some books that hold promise and some real crap.

Same as it ever was, I guess.

Over on Comics Should Be Good, Greg Burgas has reviewed all…

Today’s New 52, “give this one a try, too” pick


This week has some high profile titles like The Flash, Justice League Dark, The Fury of Firestorm and Superman. But why not pick up one that isn’t quite as high profile? I’ve heard from a number of people in the business that this book is terrific. It’s by the writing team who brought up Power Girl, Palmiotti and Gray. Need I say more?


This week we see the first issues of Batman and Robin, Green Lantern and Batwoman all of which are high profile. While you are picking up those books, why not give one who is not quite as high profile a try? My pick this week is:

Demon Knights by Paul Cornell.

I was a huge fan of…

My LCS didn’t have it, so…next week!

Today’s New 52, “give this one a try, too” pick


Today DC’s new 52 has its first full week and there are some big titles — Action, Batgirl and Detective. Those will all do just fine and, in fact, some have already gone to second printing. So why not pick up one of the books that isn’t as high profile? Today my pick is:

Static Shock #1 - The team is great - John Rozum and Scott McDaniel and I think it will be a fun read. Check out this video:

Already on my (very short) list!


All-Star Western Video

Two of my favorite creators are Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray the team behind Power Girl, Heroes for Hire, the mini Time Bomb (one of my best of 2010) and, of course, Jonah Hex. Here’s a video for their title in the new 52, All-Star Western The book stars Hex but the book is now set in Gotham City set during the horse and buggy days. Take a look!


Yesterday on the Source, DC reiterated what it had said at SDCC about erasing the marriage of Barry and Iris West. Most of the focus on DC’s marriage undoing has been on the Kent marriage. That’s not a surprise as Lois and Clark are the more famous couple and, really, who could have escaped the…

This does upset me. And not just because I’m a married woman.

It’s the idea that being married is a bad thing. That your adventures are restricted or life is boring due to the fact you not only love but happen to like another person enough to want to be with them.

That, I’m sorry, is stupid thinking. And really not selling me on this new vision for DC.


Fast Company has an interview with Grant Morrison where he talks about taking on the the Man of Steel:

“I wasn’t too sure about it,” he says. “I was already doing Batman. But I had some ideas about Superman’s early years that I’d never had a chance to use. He’s initially more of a blue…


I have heard from more than one LCS owner that Justice League Dark may be the sleeper hit in the new 52. Not surprising when you think about it, considering it combines magic, the Justice League and includes two Vertigo characters potentially tapping into Hellblazer and Madame Xanadu readers.

Looks like they’re making it easier to switch between the June & Enchantress personalities.